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Grabbing Application Icons from Adobe installer packages

When adding applications to Jamf’s Self Service or an option install for Munki’s Managed Software Centre, it makes sense to use the proper software icons for a nice and complete user experience. Did you know you can easily grab the icons from Adobe Admin Console packages, without having to install the package? Read on to find out more.

Previously when I’ve had to grab the icons for Adobe Apps, I’ve had to install them, before manually copying the icons from the application bundles themselves. This process is time consuming and fiddly. After checking a few things today, I realise Adobe ship the icons in an easy-to-grab location inside the Admin Console generated packages!

Where can I find the icons?

This icons can be found in the following location:

./[package name]/Build/[package name]_Install.pkg/Contents/Resources/HD/[SAP Code]/

Here you’ll find two icon files, one at a ‘normal’ resolution (appIcon.png) and one at a retina resolution (appIcon2x.png).

For example in my Bridge package, these can be found at the below location:


Tip: As the Adobe Admin console packages are bundle style, you can right-/control-click on the package and use “Show Package Contents” to access the path via Finder.

Simply generate the packages as you need, pull out a copy of the icon file you need, then you can upload both into your deployment solution of choice.

How do I know what the SAP Code is?

The simplest method is to try and figure it out from the application title, and the options presented when browsing the directory. For example:

  • Adobe Bridge 2021 has a SAP Code of KBRG11.0.1
  • Adobe Dimension 2020 has a SAP Code of ESHR3.4.1

Ah ok so maybe it’s not always so simple! Adobe has a KB that details the SAP codes if you do need to refer to it. This can be found here.


Hopefully this little tip will help speed up (or beautify) your Adobe deployments.

As always, if you have any questions, queries or comments, let me know below (or @daz_wallace in #adobe on Mac Admins Slack) and I’ll try to respond to and delve into as many as I can.


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