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Adding a Second Second-Factor to an Apple ID

Hi All,

In another spin-off post from my Apple ID posts (Apple IDs, MDM Servers and You! and Creating Apple IDs for APNs), I want to cover adding a second 2FA device to an Apple ID.

This method is great if you have a ‘service account’ Apple ID that multiple admins must log into, such as for APNs or Apple School Manager / Apple Business Manager. Yes, this method does work for Admin Managed Apple IDs (MAIDs)!


1) Navigate to and log in with your Apple ID / MAID.

2) Scroll down to the Security section and click the “Edit” button

3) Under “Trusted Phone Numbers” click “Add another phone number…”

4) Enter your second number and click “Continue”

5) When the code comes through, enter it into the prompt and click “Verify”

6) Once done, click “Done”

7) You’ll see both numbers showing up under the Security settings

8) Next time you login with this account, you’ll have the option on which 2-Factor number you wish to use.

Additional Commentary

When being offered a phone number to use for SMS 2FA, you’ll only be shown the last two digits. Bear this in mind when adding a second number! If both of your numbers have the same last two digits you’ll have to guess which is correct.

Additionally, I’m aware that SMS-based MFA has flaws, however it’s still better than no MFA! Also try to have long, complex passwords and decent security passwords can help.


There we go. I’ve shown a nice easy way to add additional second second-factor devices to Apple IDs, including MAIDs! As always, if you have any questions, queries or comments, let me know below (or @daz_wallace on Mac Admins Slack) and I’ll try to respond to and delve into as many as I can.

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