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London Apple Admins Meetup @ Go Cardless – Talk Slides

Tonight was the London Apple Admins meetup @ Go Cardless (Thanks massively for hosting us)!.

As part of the evening I delivered a talk on Signing and De-signing Configuration Profiles.

I’ve added a copy of my slide deck below, as well as some follow-up additional reading:


Signing and de-signing profiles, and you.pdf

Follow-up Links:

Thanks to all those that could attend, and if you couldn’t make it, feel free to check out the video (once it’s up!)



Walk – Thames Path south bank – Section 2 of 4 (Plus Battersea Park)

So today’s walk was the south bank section 2, from Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge. As the walk starts from the far side of Battersea park (the opposite side of the park from the station) I got some nice park time too. The total length is listed as 6 miles (10 km).

On the way I found;

  • Battersea Park
  • Albert Bridge
  • The London Peace Pagoda
  • Battersea Power Station
  • MI6
  • Houses of Parliament (and Big Ben / Elizabeth Tower)
  • TV Presenters for Trumps visit 😑
  • London Eye
  • Namco Fun-scape (never seen that one before)
  • London South Bank (and some amusing graffiti)
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tate Modern Art Gallery
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Tower Bridge

Again, this one wasn’t as long, but also wasn’t as interesting as the first walk, but better than yesterday’s one.

Pictures below



Walk – Thames Path north bank – Section 3 of 4 (Plus Greenwich)

After yesterday’s long walk, I opted for the shorter partner, the north bank section 3. This runs from Tower Bridge north side (after starting at London Bridge), down to Greenwich. The total length is listed as 5 miles (8 KM).

On the way I found;

  • (London Bridge including the Shard, and HMS Belfast)
  • Tower Bridge
  • Canary Wharf
  • A few Docks and parks
  • The Greenwich Pedestrian Tunnel

This one wasn’t as long, but also wasn’t as interesting as yesterday’s walk, so I went for a wander around Greenwich.

Pictures below



Walk – Thames Path south bank – Section 3 of 4

So….I know I said I’d do the Capital Ring walk this week, but with one thing and another, I opted to pass on this and go for the Thames Path walk instead!

The Thames Path is a walk along both sides of the river Thames through London. Each side is split into 4 sections, with the north bank running from Hampton Court to East India Docks, and the south bank from Teddington Lock to the River Darent.

For today, I took the south bank option, section 3, which runs from Tower Bridge (after starting at London Bridge), all the way down to the Thames Barrier (with under a mile or so walk back to Charlton station to come home). The total length is listed as 11 miles (17.5 KM)

On the way is tons of landmarks and points of interest including;

  • (London Bridge including the Shard, and HMS Belfast)
  • Tower Bridge
  • Shad Thames
  • St Saviour’s Dock
  • Views of ‘The City’
  • King Edward III’s Manor House
  • Cumberland Wharf
  • Carney Wharf
  • Bacons College! (No idea what this is but found a sign)
  • Surrey Docks Farm (an actual, proper farm with animals and crops!)
  • Various Sculptures and statues
  • The Cutty Sark
  • Greenwich Foot Tunnel
  • Old Royal Naval College (film location for Thor 2: The Dark World)
  • The Blackwall Tunnel
  • The O2 (previously the Millennium Dome)
  • Tons of industrial units / buildings

I’m thinking of maybe tackling another section tomorrow (and if not, definitely Friday).

Pictures below



Moving on…

Thursday 19th July will mark a big day for me, both personally and professionally as it’s my last day working at Moof IT. 

All the feels

After 13 years at Amsys/Moof IT, the last few weeks have been full of sadness for leaving a great bunch of people whom I’ve definitely grown up with, both as a person and in my career. But they’ve also been full of excitement for the new challenges and stuff to come. 

I’ve covered many personal highlights in my previous ‘10 years at Amsys’ blog but some new ones include:

  • Getting even more involved with the community, including become a London Apple Admin Cat Herder organiser
  • Finally building up the courage to speak at a conference (massive thanks to David Acland for pushing me into it)
  • Helping to mentor the latest generation of staff at Moof IT
  • More nights out then I think my brain remembers!

I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone at Amsys and Moof IT I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last 13 years, but I’d also like to specifically call out:

  • Alex Hawes (MD of Amsys) for giving me my initial chance as a PFY fresh outta college and continuing to give me chances in the first part of my career. 
  • David Acland (Technical Director of Moof IT) for dragging me into Service Desk, followed swiftly by the Consultancy department, showing a real trust and belief in me, and for giving me the chance to go further with training, projects and conferences. 
  • Henry Capper (Sales Director of Moof IT) for working hard to keep me busy whilst still looking out for everyone, and being a great sounding board (as well as a dangerously good drinking buddy).

What now?

Well, I’ll be staying in the Mac Administration space, looking to expand my skill set further and helping out a few others along the way. I still plan to keep active in the community with LAA and conferences, as well as try and speak at some more (if they’ll have me)!

As far as where I’m going next, perhaps you’ll have to keep an eye on my LinkedIn over the next few weeks…

In the meantime, it’s 2 weeks R & R, including an attempt to complete the London Capital ring walk (75+ Miles) in 5 days.