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Marsden March Update 2: Watch us on the day!

Hey all,

As part of our Walker packs we’ve got details of where friends and family (and anyone else who’s in the area) can watch and support us on the day.

So, if you’re available or at a loose end on Sunday 4th March 2018, you can support us at the following checkpoints:

Our start time this year is 8:30am, so we’d expect to get to the finish line around 12:30pm/1:00pm but we’ll try to keep everyone updated via our personal FaceBook, Twitter and / or Instagram pages. If you’d like to try and see us at one of the above checkpoints along the route, let us know and we’ll try and organise a WhatsApp groups or similar.


We’re just want to give out a massive thanks to everyone so far who has donated, we’re extremely thankful! If you can spare anything, you can find the team page here.

See ya soon!

Team: Cirque de Sore Legs!

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Marsden March 2018: Update 1

Walking packs have arrived, plus a correction!

Hey all,

With about a month to go, our welcome packs have arrived, complete with runner numbers and T-Shirts!


This year, the March is going for a blue theme rather than last years bright pink. I’m not sure if we’ll stand out more or not as we trample around London 😉

Emma and I will be walking under numbers 512 and 508 respectively so keep an eye out for us if you can make it to the checkpoints, or in pictures from the day. We’ll try and make sure to get even more pictures than last year.


And now a correction. In the last post I mentioned that Emma and I will be joined this year by Alex and Helen. We’ll actually also be joined by Marcella and Chris, taking us to 6! We’ve having a few issues linking them to the Team, but we’ll get them added asap. That would take our total target to raise to £900 which would be a great help to the Marsden Cancer charity and hospitals. On that note…


We’re just want to give out a massive thanks to everyone so far who has donated. We’re currently at £170 which is a great start, and we’re extremely thankful! If you can spare anything, you can find the team page here.

See ya soon!

Team: Cirque de Sore Legs!


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Charity Fundraising: Marsden March 2018

Hey All,

As mentioned previously, Emma and I will be completing the Marsden March again this year!

This year, we’ll be joined by Emma’s brother Alex and his girlfriend Helen, taking this years team to four!

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raises money solely to support The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer centre.

With your help we can ensure our nurses, doctors and research teams can provide the very best care and develop life-saving treatments which are used here in the UK and around the world.

From funding state-of-the-art equipment and groundbreaking research, to creating the best patient environments, we never stop looking for ways to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Our Story

Like many people, we’ve both been affected by Cancer. As with last year, we are completing this walk to support the Hospitals who’ve treated (and continue to treat) many family members and friends, both close and far.

Supporting Us

If you can spare any money at all, you can find our Just Giving team page here, and any donations, no matter the size, are appreciated. We are running as a team, but donations are to individual members so feel free to pick your favourite! 😉

This year’s March will be on Sunday 4th March 2018, and we’re currently waiting on further details on the march route but look forward to anyone that fancies turning up to watch us struggle! 😛

As with last year, we’ll be taking pictures along the route and will be sharing them again (sooner this year, I promise!)



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Add a web shortcut to the currently logged in user using a script

Hi All. It’s another, another customer request blog! (sorry)

I recently had a customer request that we deploy a Web Shortcut (or ‘weblock’) file to each user’s desktop at login. Thanks to Stephen for originally figuring this out, leaving me the easy job of writing it up, proper-like!

The Script

This can be found on the Amsys GitHub pages, here.

Some gotchas around usage:

  1. Please test this in your own environment on non-production Macs!!
  2. Edit the ‘webLockFileName’ variable on line 22 (here) with the name you wish to give the file. I’ve left an example name called `Apple Support Pages` for you to replace.
  3. Edit the ‘webLockDestination’ variable on line 24 (here) with the URL you wish the shortcut to point to. I’ve left an example URL of `` for you to replace.
  4. If the script detects the root user account, or no user account, it will exit without doing any work. These two scenarios tend to mean the device is sitting at the login window, or some other strangeness that would stop the script completing fine anyway.
  5. I’ve only tested this scripted solution on 10.11.x, 10.12.x and 10.13.x.

How do I use the script?

I’d suggest using this as a Jamf Pro (formally Casper) login policy, or using one of the outsetlogin‘ triggers.


And there we go, I’ve detailed the solution we used to deploy a web shortcut file to the logged in user’s desktop. Hopefully that’ll help some of you out! As always, if you have any questions, queries or comments, let us know below (or @daz_wallace on Mac Admins Slack) and I’ll try to respond to and delve into as many as I can.

Happy Holidays!!

The usual Disclaimer:

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